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Using Web2 to educate friends about Web3 • An NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated cute robotic companions from the future on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Story

Ready for Friends

The year is 2199 and humanity has already begun to inhabit other planets outside of Earth. For the remaining lifeforms on our beloved big blue, a private company introduces the KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS to aid and provide companionship to anyone that would befriend them.

Resources have become more and more scarce over the years so the robots are made using completely random and leftover parts from across the globe. Some robots can fly, some have their own robot companion and some are {DATA OUTPUT: BATTLE READY} -- whoops! Looks like Web2 is still causing problems. We'll fix that!


Robot Traits

✔ Blockchain Verified

Every robot is minted and verifiable on the ethereum blockchain.

🚀 Booster Power

A number of the robots have been upgraded with enhanced flight with their included HOVER or LIFTR mods.

🎨 Colors for Everyone

Each robot is randomly minted in a different color. With 7 total colors, which one will you get?

🎮 The Right Tools

Some robots have familiar equipment if you've played a video game or two. Can you find them all?


MORE POWER! A very small number of robots have this rare aftermarket mod.

🤖 Companion Units

Certain robots even have a robot companion of their own! These are called CPUs and they all have names!

💪🏻 Built Different

All robots are made with varied parts. From arms to chassis, each robot is truly unique.

💢 Expressive & Moody

Each robot is minted with their own expressive mood! With 11 total expressions, which one did you get?

🎀 Accessorize

No robot leaves the factory without dawning an accessory to complete the build. Some are super rare!

Curious Humans

Frequently Asked


The Kawaii Robot Friends are an NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated cute robotic companions from the future on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by my real life friends and our passion for gaming & anime subcultures. Created by NYTEMODE.

How do I get a robot friend?

Depending on when you're reading this, you can mint during the public sale right here on the website or you can pick up a robot on the OpenSea Marketplace.

What wallets can I use to mint?

The KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS recommend MetaMask or Loopring wallets for minting. Of course the choice of preferred wallet is always up to you!

What is your contract address?

The official KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS smart contract was created with NiftyKit and can be found here: Etherscan

Can we buy, sell & trade the KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS?

Absolutely! The KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS were designed to be unique, collectible and sometimes super rare! We encourage everyone to seek their favorites as well as trade/sell for others!

What does CC0 mean?

CC0 means there is no copyright for the NFT collection. You can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Owners of KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS have full commercial art rights for the robot(s) they own.

What is the story behind this NFT project?

The KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS NFT project was created to help educate myself and my closest friends about the ins and outs of the web3 space. If you'd like to read the origin story and my letter to my closest friends, you can read it here.

Any helpful humans along the way?

Yes! Although this project is 100% self-taught from A - Z, I learned so much during that time and used tools to help me get here. Major shoutouts go to NiftyKit, Hashlips, NFTChef & Pinata for allowing me the tools and documentation to launch this project! You are all true friends of the KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS!