How the KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS happened.


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Team Members: Just me, NYTEMODE.

An NFT Project?

The slogan for the project is: "Nothing is better than friends!"

This is a mantra for me almost daily and something that I truly honestly believe in. Everyone, and I mean - EVERYONE out there, can always use a friend.

I started this project in 2022 because the world itself is in a major shift into the digital space that includes Web3, crypto & NFTs, etc. As one of the main ‘tech savvy’ individuals in my friends group, I’m always one of the ones to adopt something early and give it a try so I can bring the information back to my friends. This happens very often with video games in our circle! Myself or one of us will try out a game first, and come back to the group to tell the rest of us “hey, let's all check out this game together!” We pride ourselves on finding awesome multiplayer video games that all of us can take part in together.

I found the very same to be true for Crypto and NFTs. Many of my close friends are resistant and/or hesitant with the Web3 space and the future in general. When asked about cryptocurrency and the like, they turned down the ideas or gave into the sentiment of “fake money” and other common misconceptions. Here is where the lightbulb went off and I proposed to solve the issue.

I took it upon myself to dive head-first into my own NFT project. I subscribe to the idea that the only way to prove you truly know something, is your ability to teach it. The KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS are named after my friends. I want to use the entire project to help them learn and understand - from start to finish, how it all works. How to make a wallet, how to add crypto, how to find projects they might like and ultimately, how to secure and MINT their own NFTs. I will be personally walking them through the entire process. If they want to learn more about finer details like smart contracts, deployment and more - I’ve learned that along the way to help feed their curious minds as well.

My goal is to help them better understand where I firmly believe the world might be headed into the future. They are my friends so I don’t want them to get left behind. The only way I can succeed, is if we all succeed together. If that means I have to be their teacher as someone they trust vs. social media and the masses, I’m willing to do it. Let me be the one to bear the burden, fail if I have to, and bring all of that data back to the group to keep them above the rising waters. If they don’t want to learn or care about it, that is fine too! They are still my friends.


The name stems from the Japanese term for ‘cute.’ Amongst my group of friends, the majority of us are anime lovers and fans of many series and mangas. I’ve learned so much from the anime culture and how the shows teach so many positive things without viewers even realizing. Things like proper manners and etiquette, hard work beats talent, and so much more. The most important lesson I’ve learned from so many animes is the true value of friendship. This is a constant theme that can be found in countless shows and stories.

So what is the end goal?

I honestly don’t know where the project will lead, but one of my long-term goals is to eventually have the IP turned into its own video game (and/or series!) where my friends and I (and the 10,000 total robots!) can all play/watch together. The 10% royalties on this project are to better the lives of my friends and myself & to help get to that finish line as quickly as possible. Another end goal is to also explore any and all utility aspects of the NFTs to bring value to anyone who has one. This I hope can be done with collaborations and partnership with many brands looking into the Web3 space as well. The KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS are here to help!

It is an absolute dream of mine to erase the many issues that my friends face in life as well as my own. I look forward to the day where I can call any one of my friends to just relax and play a game together without the burdens of life bearing down on us.

To my closest friends - you know who you are:

You didn’t know this until reading, but the KAWAII ROBOT FRIENDS are because of you. Because there is nothing better than friends and you were all there when I needed you the most. Without you all, I wouldn't be here today to make this project in your honor.

Thank You for Reading!
Let’s Be Friends & See You Soon Operators!

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